WITT offers a wide range of high-performance and low-maintenance dome-loaded pressure regulators that are suitable for large flow rates of several thousand m3/h as well. The compact regulators, made of either stainless steel or brass, enable large withdrawal ranges, are suitable for numerous technical, corrosive and aggressive gases and can be mounted irrespective of the orientation.

Ready to use – Dome-loaded pressure regulator sets

Dome-loaded pressure regulator setAll models of the WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators are delivered as sets, including pilot pressure regulator, inlet and outlet pressure gauges and connections. All components of the complete solution are perfectly adapted to each other. The set is completely assembled and tested and can be directly used in the process. The closed system avoids emission of the pilot gas in the environment. The dynamic control allows the easy change of the working pressure.

Our program

  • High flow rates (up to Kv value 30 / cv value 34.8)
  • Inlet pressures of up to 300 bar (4,350 psi)
  • Outlet pressures between 500 mbar and 60 bar (7,25 and 870 psi)
  • Useable for almost all gases as well as for corrosive and aggressive mediums
  • In brass, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Different connections
  • Wall bracket (optional)
  • Filter for long durability (optional)
  • Lockable spindle hood against unauthorized adjustment (optional)
  • “Smart” model for connected manufacturing
  • All models are ready-to-install, completely mounted and tested sets (operated by pilot pressure regulator or proportional valve, pressure gauges and connections)

Gas types & Material

WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators are made of high-quality materials and are ideal for a wide range of gases and applications. Depending on the requirement, the devices can be made from a wide range of body materials and material combinations for diaphragms and seals. For technical gases for instance, the standard body material is brass. The diaphragm is made of a specially coated fabric lining. For aggressive and corrosive gases, housings are made of 1.4404 stainless steel (AISI 316L). This material offers high resistance against acid and corrosion. The diaphragm is made of FPM which is as well very durable and resistant. These materials cover the most aggressive applications and ensure the quality of your processes.

Standards & regulations

Latest production technologies and a complex quality management system ensure maximum WITT quality that you can trust. WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators are manufactured taking into account the rules of technology and the relevant safety regulations for designing, material selection and resistance. All organisational, commercial and technical activities affecting the quality have been appropriately planned, controlled and monitored in our QM manual.

WITT and WITT products also fulfil all relevant international standards and norms, e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 22000, ATEX 94/9/EC and PED 97/23/EC. In the course of ATEX, WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators were subjected to an ignition hazard analysis as per EN 1127-1, DIN EN 13463-1 and ZH1/200. The controllers can thus be used in the explosion group IIC, device category 2. Moreover, a special test for resistance to internal ignition in case of effect of oxygen pressure surges is conducted by BAM.

With the implementation of ISO 22000, all WITT pressure regulators were subjected to a HACCP analysis and thus fulfil the requirements pertaining to food safety.

The specified certificates and test reports can be provided on request.


WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators require almost no maintenance. A maintenance interval of 5 years is usually sufficient for ensuring complete functionality. In case of use of contaminated gases, regular replacement of all wear parts every 2–3 years is recommended. WITT offers an economical maintenance kit with all the necessary replacement parts for easy maintenance.


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