EN_747LE_12barAn excellent advantage of WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators over the conventional pressure controllers is their extremely stable outlet pressure even in case of great withdrawal or inlet pressure fluctuations. The regulations characteristics of the pressure regulators are extremely stable even in case of extremely high or low flow rates in the limiting performance range. The WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators realise precise regulation even at large pressure differences. A two-stage pressure regulation is no longer necessary in most of the cases. The own medium control makes additional gas for the pilot pressure regulator redundant. The pilot pressure regulator or an electrically controlled proportional valve enables maximum flexibility and the outlet pressure can be easily adjusted. This makes it possible to respond to temperature fluctuations or changes in the downstream process immediately.

Your benefits:

  • Precise pressure regulation
  • Stable operating pressure even in case of inlet pressure and withdrawal fluctuations
  • Accurate control of small pressure differences of less than 1 bar (14.5 psi)
  • Large pressure differences (300 to 10 bar / 4,350 to 145 psi) can be regulated, two-stage control redundant
  • Dynamic system with pilot gas regulator for fast and flexible adaptation of the outlet pressure
  • The closed control system makes additional gas supply redundant and saves costs
  • Useable for almost all gases as well as for corrosive and aggressive mediums
  • Different connections, compact design and wall bracket (optional) for easy assembly
  • Low maintenance
  • Lockable spindle hood against unauthorized adjustment (optional)
  • The special model 757LE/S Smart can, for example, display pressures, temperatures and flow and is an important component for networked production: for more safety, cost savings and maintenance optimisation
  • All pressure regulator models available ready-to-install as a completely assembled and tested set with pilot pressure regulator or electric proportional valve


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